Friday, June 03, 2005

Why I blog

Lisa, in a comment on the previous post, noted that I seem to spend(waste) a significant amount of time blogging. Probably more than most, less than some. I find it is fun, but the main reason is that it allows me to have a dialogue on topics that I care about.

Bloggers and commentors come with their own backgrounds. Some are incredibly well educated, some are well read, some are curious, some are just curious, but there is a wide variety of experience and education mixed in.

I come from a kind of maskili(enlightenment) background. My parents, while not Israeli, spoke Hebrew at home to me, and while I only spent two years in day school, I had tutors in Hebrew literature, Nach, and we read parshat hashavua at home every week. My family drifted from driving to shul(orthodox) on Shabbat to not doing that. I have always considered myself orthodox, but didn't know a lot about hashkafa and other topics. As an adult I have always been shomer shabbat and kashrut, but didn't really look into all the details. I also essentially took 11 years off from life to go to medical school and train in my speciality. Now that I have had time to read and think, I am trying to find my way to the hashkafa and practice that I think is right and true. Believe it or not, blogging, and reading other blogs has helped me sort out what I think, order my beliefs, and plot out what I want to impart to my children, which I think is most important. I will probably address this issues(among others) in the future. So, 8 months into my blogging experience, I would like to thank all the commentors, and ba'alei ha'blogs for helping me, and even thank Lisa for making me think about the topic. I certainly will admit that blogging is fun, but it has been immensely helpful to me, and I dont regret doing it (yet).

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