Wednesday, June 15, 2005


My 9 year old was bugging me because she wanted to go to tikkun leil Shavuot. She had a busy Sunday, what with preparing for the chag, a dance recital(ballet and jazz), and enjoying a very nice day. I tucked her in at 9, and told her I would wake her at 11, and if she could get herself out of bed, she could come with me. I figured she would mumble something about being tired, roll over and go back to sleep. NOPE. She bounced out of bed, got dressed in a jiffy(much faster than her usual, in fact) and we went and learned for 2 hours(actually, I was the one who was getting tired). Not only did she absorb a pretty adult shiur on Ruth, but we had excellent discussions on the walks to and from shul. And she certainly didn't go because of the snacks. One of the things I worry about is passing on a love of learning and Torah to my children. So far, so good.

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good to hear.

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