Tuesday, May 03, 2005

With Much Thanks...

I would like to take a spare moment to thank Dilbert for his continuing stint as guest blogger at the House of Hock & express my wishes that he stay blogging as long as he would like.

I would also like to wish him good luck on his new blog. (Insert Bab/bawab/blog pun here.)

If anyone would like to take over as guest blogger, please submit names & email addresses in the comment section below.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too would like to ask Dilbert to stay. Don't make me change my bookmarks. I like them the way they are.

However, if the artist formerly known as Nicht were to resume blogging, I'd accept that as fair compensation for having to add a bookmark to Bava Dilbert to my favorites.

BTW, what ever happened to Jonathan and the Hocker?


2:10 PM  

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