Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The featurette in the Shoah post shows very plainly and simply why the idea a just God(from a human point of view) is incompatible with an absence of some sort of afterlife, however you want to define it. You can think of an afterlife as Olam Haba(life in the next world, ie, heaven/purgatory), techiyat hameitim(resurrection-some form of return to earthly life), gilgul(your soul comes back in someone else), or something else or a combination of the above. However, the stark evil and horribleness(it may not be a word, but it fits) has to be counterweighed by something good, some enjoyment, SOMETHING. Otherwise, through human eyes at least, there is no justice. The final frames of the video, showing the child in the clouds, playing with his paper airplane is so neccessary. Without it, for this child, evil wins. That cannot be.

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