Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Goodbyes and Hellos

Two blogs closed up shop this week, Gadol Hador, and the ADDeRabbi. GH always had something witty, provocative, and informative, besides asking the tough philisophical questions, and searching for answers. The ADDeRabbi provided an equally interesting point of view, more involved divrei Torah, and a similar questing intellectual experience. I learned much from both, and the will be missed. I wish both of them much hatzlacha in their real and virtual lives.

Menachem Butler and R. Gill at Hirhurim referenced a fascinating printed debate of sorts between R. Yitz Greenberg and R. Aaron Lichtenstein that occured in the pages of the YU paper the Commentator. For anyone interested in the history of Modern Orthodoxy in America, it should be mandatory reading. The links include all the letters to the editor in a particular edition of the Commentator. As I was reading through them, I found a letter signed by Steve Brizel. My first thought was - hey, I know that guy!. After thinking about it, I realized that I do kind of know him, but only through his always erudite and respectful, if acronym filled comments on this and other blogs. And, now I know what year he graduated law school! It truly is a small world

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