Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Random Pesach thoughts

My three year old stood up on a chair, sang Ma Nishtana with no help, and took a bow at the end. My mother had tears in her eyes. Of course, as I was putting the little tzaddik to bed last night, he told me he wants Pesach to be over ASAP. I think his specific words were "No more Pesach". He refused to believe that it was Shabbat because there was no challah.

My in-laws told me the story of a friend who hadbeen a nun and converted to Judaism in the 1930's. During the war, she threw out her conversion papers, put on a habit, and saved thousands of Jews. After the war, she had to convert again because she had no papers. She described to them the scene in shul, when, for the first time after the Holocaust, in 1945, Yizkor had to be said, and the unending crying and screaming that accompanied it. Even third hand and 60 years later, it sends a shiver up my spine and tears to my eyes.

After last year being away for the Chag, it was very nice to be home.

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