Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Happy Pesach

Since I probably will not be posting anymore before Friday, I would like to wish everyone a Chag Kasher v'sameach. I have been concentrating on conveying the simchat chag, happiness of the holiday to my kids, rather than complaining about the amount of work, expense, and general tirchah of switching the dishes, cooking, shopping, and having 5 relatives staying in the house for 10 days. In fact, Pesach is one of my favorites, and I am genuinely looking fowards to it. On the other hand, my experiments with quinoa flour as a substitute for matzo meal or real flour have failed miserably, so once again desserts will consist of maneshevitz cakes, fruit sorbet, and compote, the anti-matza(ha'mavin yavin- I have always wanted to put that in a post, but never had a chance).

For those with time, check out yashar books open access, as R. Gil has posted another free book, this one dealing with Pesach. I printed it out, all 77 pages, and hope to read it in shul on shabbat during haftorah and chazarat ha-shatz(just kidding, dont send me flaming emails about appropriate times to read), and look really educated and smart at the seder.

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