Wednesday, March 30, 2005

An oversight

My list of blogs of thinking and educated people was not meant to be exhaustive, and I did not include the chief rabbi of the blogosphere, R. Gil Student over at Hirhurim, because I assumed pretty much all of my readers were familiar with him and his blog. If not, his blog is an excellent source of Torah and opinion. For penance, I will post the links he has sent, as his publishing house has placed an entire book online. The book is Rabbi Israel Salanter, Religious-ethical thinker. I have seen a number of good reviews(well, one was from R. Gil).

Information about the book can be found at :

The book can be downloaded from the Open Access webpage:

The Open access site is a very nice one for reading and discussing issues. I encourage all who are interested to visit and participate.

Gadol Hador also has good Torah when he isn't off outing the Gedolim, not to mention aspaklaria, Orthodox caucus, and many others.

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