Wednesday, March 30, 2005

music review- The Moshe Skier Band(well, not exactly)

This past motzei Shabbat I talked my wife into going to see the Moshe Skier Band. But first a little background. My wife, quite a skilled musician herself, and someone who appreciates alternative rock and all sorts of pop music that inhabits the radio, does not appreciate shiny shoe music, to say the least. She had assumed that we were going to sit for a few hours and be serenaded by the shiny shoe brigade, and, to her credit(and against her best judgement), agreed to accompany me. I, of course, had heard some cuts of the band, and had seen the ads from Adam Davis, and had some idea of the experience ahead. Also, the concert was at a club.

I will dispense with the following complaints quickly: My clothes smelled of smoke, my ears rang for a few days, and it took about 45 minutes for my liver and other solid abdominal organs to stop vibrating. In addition, I was one of the few males who not only brought a female with me, but left with same said female.

That being said, it was a very nice crowd, not rowdy, a mix of many singles, a few middle-aged couples that were there for the music(guess I fall into that catagory, middle aged), a sprinkling of kippot, and a few in costume in honor of purim.

The first act was heedoosh, which featured Yaniv. He was accompanied by the always excellent Matt Kantor(drummer for Even Shesiyah, and drummer for what seems like 99% of the Jewish gigs in the city-even I have had the zichut of playing a gig with him, but that is anothe story), a very earnest and quite good Zev Goldberg on rhythm guitar, and unknown(to me) bass and lead guitar players. Yaniv has a very good voice, good range, and is usually seen with his band, dressed in shiny shoe uniform, velvet kippah, dark pants, and the occassional suit jacket, singing with an ashkenazic accent. It was different to see him with a kippa serugah at a jaunty angle, shirt unbuttoned a little, and what looked like jeans, singing in his native sephardic accent. They rocked. They played a few original songs, the best version of Yo-Ya I have ever heard(kind of a surf rock attack), and even covered a rock song(deemed to be excellent by the in-house rock afficianado)

The second act was Ari ben David, or Moshe, or somebody. He looks a bit like Pauly Shore, and tossed his hair more often than a group of flirty 8th grade girls. He also had an affection for David Copperfield like hand movements. When he wasn't using his hands to demenstrate choreic movements, he did play a pretty good piano/organ, and was accompanied by his band. The music was reggae, with shouted platitudes that seemed to be related to Judaism in some fashion. I did not appreciate it, but the in house rock critic thought it was ok.

The concert was supposed to start at 9, but actually started at 10. Unfortunately, the baby sitter had to be home by midnight, so we left while Pauly Shore was still banging on his Kurzweil, waving to the crowd, and yelling something about being good. We never did get to hear the Moshe Skier band. However, I did get a chance to talk toMoshe, and he is going to send me some cd's. And, my wife actually had an excellent time and enjoyed the music. Kudos to Adam Davis, kfar, and the kehilla and all the sponsors. I think most everyone had a good time once the blood stopped running from the ears. For those who were there and are wondering if you saw me in the dim light, you may have. Clues: kippah, with his wife, by the stairs.

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