Tuesday, March 08, 2005

medicine and business, like oil and water

One of the business people associated with my practice gave a presentation recently. She emphasized that we had to be committed to achieving certain business goals. I raised my hand and told her I that while I was certainly willing to take part in pr, community outreach, education programs and other similar activities to promote the business aspect, as far as patient care, there really no way I was going to change, I was committed to practicing the best I could, no matter what the business down side was. It was just incredible to see the look on her face. Business people have the approach that you set financial or production goals, then do what is neccessary to achieve them, and sometimes with little regard for the consequences, as long as the goal is reached. Health care cant be approached like that without risk to the care that is extended. It never was so clear to me in such stark terms. I am sure that if I told her that I could off all my patients and her goals would be reached, she would have said "ok" with out batting an eyelash. Good thing she is not the voice at the top(luckily it is a physician run practice, and she only gives advice)

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