Friday, February 04, 2005

Daas Torah???? how about Daas Rofeh?

Marvin Shick over at Cross Currents and others have been discussion Da'as Torah a bit. I hold by what I blogged here. R. Gil recently discussed if one needs to respect crazy parents. I started to wonder if there is a point where those that believe in the strict definition of da'as Torah have a point where they dont have to listen? what happens if the gadol is demented? how would you know? What if, chas v'shalom, at the meeting of the council of Torah Sages all the rabbonim eat a cow that has bovine spongiform encephalopathy and all of them develop dementia(the initials for Jakob-Creutzfeld disease, ironically is JC)? Are there criteria for demoting a gadol? How do you know if/when they are making mistakes?
R. Dessler and others, in response to the question about why the Gedolim of the past generation did not tell their flock to get out of Europe before the holocaust, have said that sometimes Hashem clouds the vision of the gedolim, so that their "mistakes" are actually the will of God. The other time I have seen that concept is in a discussion of the problem of involuntary manslaughter in our time. The question is if the perpetrator has to go into exile. For most of you, this is a theoretical point, as not many are liable to kill someone by accident. However, some of us see death on a regular basis. If a patient dies because of a doctor's mistake, does the doctor have to put himself in exile? Obviously, doctors of a skill level of the psychotodler would never have this problem, but others are not so lucky(no, I dont think any of my patients have died because of a mistake on my part, in case you are wondering). The Tashbetz's view on this is "shegigat ha rofeh, ratzon haBoreh." the mistake of the doctor is actually the will of Hashem. I certainly hope I am fulfilling the will of Hashem even when I am not making mistakes (I wonder if there is a kal vachomer in there somewhere).

My ratzon is for everyone one to have a Shabbat Shalom, a Gut Shabbas, and may the superbowl outcome be a quantum mechanics marvel, where victory for both sides exists simultaneously, only to be brought to reality by observation(if you really feel the need to look it up, see here).

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