Monday, February 28, 2005

Da'as Torah and the first person pronoun

I have been reading some articles on Da'at Torah(cant type Da'as more than once a day). Obviously there are many interpretations of what exactly it means, when it applies, etc. However, I was looking the position that da'at Torah implies that the Gadol in question is endowed with something akin to ruach HaKodesh and is therefore better equiped to answer the questions of the day. I was struck that this ability is usually ascribed to others, and that few claim it for themselves. If I am wrong in this conclusion, please let me know(and provide sources if you can.) But if I am right, this means one of a few things: Those that have this ability are too humble to claim it for themselves, The ability is being claimed erroneously for them, or, it is a bit of the emperor's clothes phenomenon. No one really has it, no one wants to be the first to admit not having it, but no one wants to lie and say they have it.

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