Tuesday, February 08, 2005

classical music- get it in before sefirah

I went back to listening to music in my car. For a while there I was using the time for thinking about stuff, but that got old. I borrowed a bunch of cd's from the library(I actually own them and have them at home somewhere, but this was far more convenient.) I have been listening to the classics: Mendelsohn's violin concerto, the sweetest most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard, Mozart's piano concerto #21, especially the middle slow movement, just flows beautifully, in and out of major and minor, Rachmaninoff's piano concerto #2, in my humble opinion the most masterful piece of music ever, each movement packed with memorable melody along with piano pyrotechnics. I am always amazed not only at the ability of composers, but the awesome talent and dexterity needed to play them, and make them sound so good. If you haven't heard these, check them out, and there is so much more awesome music out there. If you know them well, but haven't heard them in a while, go back and reacquaint yourself with some old friends. You will be glad you did. Coming up: Grieg piano concerto, Tchaikovsky violin concerto, and some Prokofiev(not sure which number piano concerto is the really good one, have to check). By the way, to my way of thinking, classical music ended around the 1930-40's. most everything afterwards does not make harmonic or melodic sense to me. I know that some of it isn't supposed to, but that doesn't make me appreciate it more.

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