Wednesday, January 12, 2005

One more on the ban

Required reading from R. Gil Student at Hirhurim here, and the English translation in Deah v'Dibbur here(thanks to Yoinoson Schreiber(my fingers kept typing Yonatan for a while) for providing links)(guess my translation wasn't too far off)

I recieved this email from my usual source. I do know him, except what he puts in the email. I cant vouch for his veracity, but up to now I have had no reason to doubt what he has sent.

R.Slifkin does live in a predominatly "frum" area,
ramat modeian. His life is in shambles now. In fact,
before the Yated thing there was another broadside
that was pasted up mainly in his neighborhood The true story,
and I don't have documentary sources on this, but I
have this an excellent authority is the following.
One of the signors(I dont'rembember the name) has a
ba'al teshuva yeshiva in Beni Brak. This particular
yeshiva is for people that are not sucessful anywhere
else (read not that bright). Because he is only the
head of this particular type of Yeshiva he feels that
people don't think he is "haradi" enough. One of his
students showed him the book and he found his
oppurtunity to "make a name for himself." He then
went around and got the rest of the signators and as
you can imagine it snowballed. I realize that you may
read this and say "no one can be this mean, just for a
little respect" However, I must tell you that I did
get this from an unimpeachable source, albeit not the
actual person in question, but good enough for me.
The way in which he was sucessful in getting these
people to sign on was to do exactly what you
intimated. He noted that R. Slifkin is from their
world and seems to be broadcasting the "haradi" view.
Thus, if he would not have been one of them it woudl
have been less problematic.

Where are all the voices of Rabbanim who dont agree with the cherem? Are they going to let R. Slifkin be, excuse the word, crucified, even though they agree with him(and wrote haskamot)? The poor guy's life is in shambles, I am sure his family is suffering, where are the people who have standing and respect in the community comming out to support him? kudos to R. Student for blogging what he did, and to Yashar books for picking up the publishing of the books. I plan to buy them all. Everyone should.

Incidentally, when comparing what R. Student at Hirhurim wrote versus what is in the Deah and Dibbur article(but not in the Hebrew version), one notices a very significant difference in who didn't want to meet with whom.

I will try to post the original poster of the cherem, and you will see the names of the original instigators .....

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