Monday, January 17, 2005

I have a dream

I thought of what might happen if those who were distressed by the kefira issue decided to get together and issue a joint statement. If the leaders and faculty of Yeshivot got together and say something. Starting on the left(take your pick where you want to start, this is where I would)) you would have the UTJ, Chovevei Torah, YU/REITS, (I dont know what the heirarchy is, I am kinda making this up, just for example), Skokie Yeshiva, Ner Yisrael, Chayim Berlin, Chofetz Chayim.....On and on towards the right wing. Somewhere along the line, someone would look at the rest and say..." I am not going in on a joint statement with THEM"

The saddest quote I saw today was in the Hirhurim comments, from Ari Adlerstein(I assume it was from him, obviously anyone can post with anyone's name) son of R. Adlerstein who posted a defense of R. Slifkin in Cross Currents. He berated those(including me) who were attacking his father, seeing as R. Adlerstein is the only Rav(aside from R. Gil) who has come out in support of R. Slifkin. He says

Unfortunately there are people who will see to it that for one simply expressing his opinion his children could be excluded from certain yeshivas or prevented from making some shidduchim.

Ari is right. I applaud his father for saying what he did. It is appalling that Ari Adlerstein or his father could suffer consequences for it. As I posted before, a lot has to go into deciding when is the time to get off the fence, and when making a statement is worth the consequences. If more people stood up and said something, maybe the majority will be with the those that disagree, and the social pressure will be on those that support the bans. While I applaud R. Adlerstein for his courage, and sympathize with Ari because of the possible fallout, I still hold by this. I certainly do not fault him for not saying more, but there is more that could have been said. I am glad I am not in his shoes.

I have a dream........ maybe when Mashiach comes it will work out.

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