Tuesday, December 21, 2004

what is your favorite color?

I recently recieved email from two people with new blogs. They asked me to mention them or put them on my blogroll(hey Nisht, how about a blogroll????). One of the bloggers is Reuven Klein, who has posted interesting comments in the past, and seems like a nice guy. His blog address is http://rachack.blogspot.com/ he is also looking for people to help in the blogging. On his blog are some ads for his web design business and loan business

The second request was from rabbi Moshe Rudner, who set up a blog to discuss the experience of eating Shabbos meals at the home of Rabbi and Rebbitzin Machlis. His blog also includes paypal links for those who wish to contribute to Rabbi Machlis to help defray the expenses of feeding hundreds of people a week. Since I am not familiar with R. Rudner or R. Machlis, I asked R. Rudner to provide some outside references, and he supplied me with some links to other stories on R. Machlis. The name of the blog is machlis.blogspot.com. Since I have not followed the paypal links to completion, I cannot totally vouch for the reliability, but it seems on the up and up.

All of which got me thinking about why I blog. When I figure it out, I will let you know

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