Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Random absurd processional thoughts

I was car number 18 out of about 80 in line from the synagogue to the cemetery. As we wound our way the following thoughts, besides the ones posted below, occured to me, in no particular order.

Boy, I am glad I am not behind that really old short couple, in the really large car, they can barely see over the dashboard.

I am really glad I am not in front of them.(yes, there was a very minor fender bender, the parties just got out, looked, shook their heads, and got back in)

Is the guy in front of me turning again? oh wait, its just his flashers, I didn't see the other one also blinking.

If I turn here, I can make a run to the dunkin donuts, get a muffin and a cup of coffee, and still join the end of the line, no one will know.

If I turn away from the processional, will all the cars behind me follow? or keep following the front 17?

If I lead 62 cars through the drive through at dunkin donuts, and everybody buys a muffin and a drink, do I get a free cup of coffee? (yes, the kosher dunkin donuts has a drive through)

does dd have a processional special?

what would it be?

I suggest the rectangular donut with chocolate frosting, looks kinda like a coffin

they could make a figure on top out of frosting, have to make it solomn looking though

if they take my idea, do I get a cut of the profits?

driving in a processional brings new meaning to ha'osek b'mitzvah pattur m' hamitzvah(whie you are doing a mitzva, you are relieved of the duty to do others). Here we are, taking about 10-15 minutes to pass a given point, and this poor guy is trying to make a left into his drivway to get home. If I let him pass, we may lose continuity and the back could get lost(there are other cars waiting to turn also). I can't let him through, even though normally I would. sorry. We have made him 15 minutes late to his house. It doesn't seem fair.

I thought we would never get there

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