Friday, December 03, 2004

I am sorry

I want to publicly apologize to R. Broyde for the treatment he has recieved at the hands of my commentors. While a number of comments showed honest differences of opinion voiced in respectful tones(thank you), others were insulting,mean spirited, undeserved, and out of line. What I had hoped to be open and spirited discussion of the sources on a contraversial topic, degenerated into questions of R. Broydes integrity and intellectual veracity, besides questions about his grasp of the sources. All this happened, despite my requests for respect. I certainly am not against give and take regarding what the sources mean, and I am not trying to protect any particular person or point of view, but it has to be done with dignity and respect for the other person, not with name calling, and insults. The lack of respect was disgusting, and reflects poorly on all of us. I am truly ashamed.

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