Tuesday, November 02, 2004

wine, not 2 martinis

Like most(I hope), we frequently have guests for Shabbat meals. We have an eclectic bunch of friends, try to invite new arrivals and guests, and I try to keep the conversations away from fashion, lashon hara(you know what that includes), who is building additions on their houses, and keep it reasonably on Torah, hashkafa, and appropriate subjects for the Shabbat table. Frequently though, the conversation devolves into mortgage rates, work related tidbits(someone even tried to do a little networking), and who is getting divorced. I find that the same thing happens at shul. Unless I make a concsious effort, most conversations slowly sink into inappropriate matters for Shabbat. Unfortunately, I am not alone. Many of the conversations I overhear also are business related, even those that are muttered during Torah reading.

I am thinking of changing my family minhag and adding the (usually unsaid in my community) first paragraph of Shabbat lunch kiddush. "Im Tashiv ....." Guess there is good reason that it is in the Haftorah for Yom Kippur. Translated loosely in part: and you will honor the Shabbat, and not do your usual business and talk about it , then you will enjoy with(or because of) God, and he will elevate you, and give(lit. feed) you the inheritance of Jacob your father, because the mouth of God has spoken. Maybe I will post it in the dining room.

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