Monday, November 08, 2004

stealing by any other name

About a week ago I posted about the music group the Chevra, who are bringing suit against their creater and manager. In that post(which, by the way, included the titles of all the songs from the first album, in order), I linked to their album on the web site of Mostly Music. They have lots of albums, sound clips, a search engine, and lower prices than the neighborhood bookstore. As a commentator named "a" noticed, my first link was to a Chevra album, but not to THE CHEVRA, but one from 1982. It seems that when you search Mostly Music for Chevra, you get the 1984 Chevra(not related to the recent group in the least), and Volume 2 of the recent Chevra. BUT NO VOLUME I of the recent Chevra. Not wanting to accuse Mostly Music of trying to decieve customers into buying a 20 year old album by taking advantage of a name similarity, I emailed them last week to let them know of their error. They emailed me back quite promptly, thanking me for pointing this out to them, and informing me that they were going to correct it. I checked it out again today and to my surprise, shock and amazement, nothing has changed. So, either they are deliberately trying to decieve the public, or very lazy.

This type of behavior goes into the catagory of g'nevat da'at- literally stealing thoughts, or misleading. It is worse, but similar to the offense of publishing fawning record "reviews" that regard each and every new record as the second coming of Shlomo Carlbach, decieving people into thinking it is actually "good".

More sad examples of people who should know better, and do know better, stooping to new lows either because they can get away with it, or that so many other people do it, it is not recognized as wrong. Unfortunately for them, behavior like this can not be codified as minhag, or as a practice accepted by the people, so they eventually have to answer for these violations of halacha. If only they paid a bit more attention to their behavior, and not to the bottom line.

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