Monday, November 22, 2004

Breakfast at Tiffany's

My kid's school(modern orthodox day school, ivrit b'ivrit, tzioni, and there is a Conservative day school in the area, so most if not all of the families identify themselves as orthodox) had a sunday morning event. As I looked around(R. Henkin's article in mind see next post), I realized that only 10% or so of the mothers(including MVLW, whose answer when asked was "I dont believe in doing it) covered their hair. I have never seen a teshuva, article, or anything officially rabbinic that gives a basis for this. Obviously there are the references(my own, and others) to wives of rabbis who did not cover their hair, but does anyone know what the Halachic justification for this is? or any teshuva or article that says it is ok? Please try to refrain from commenting that all these women are just sinners, as that would be the obvious default answer, and not one that I am particularly interested in hearing.

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