Thursday, November 04, 2004

Are you defined by where you visit?

Any person over the age of 12 who has participated in a group activity has probably encountered the question: define yourself in order of importance. My usual answer is Jew, husband/father, profession, avocations, etc. Of course you can add human being, American, etc. I have found that visits to blogs mirror that list, except that it kind of stops at Jewish. In thinking about how people get to blogs, my guess is that either you have a major interest in a topic, and find blogs that reflect that, or, start at one blog and find yourself referred to an ever growing circle of related blogs.

I found blogs when I was online searching to find the lyrics to the Ruach song, "puff the kosher dragon". I found blog in Dm, an excellent Jewish music blog, and that led me to MoCHassid(welcome back again), protocols(before Luke, although it is still entertaining, sometimes),the excellent R. Simcha at Hirhurim, who I remember when he first posted, and many other fine blogs, like Miriam Shaviv at bloghead, Reb Yudel, the House here, Village idiots, the back of the bais, Cara's world, Velvel, Sklaro, Menachem Butler at AJHistory when he had more time to post, and many others. Recently I have found Psychotodler, Renegade Rebitzin, Ben Chorin, the Shaigitz, my buddy Adam at Baynonim, and Shira at on the fringe. This is not to exclude anyone and is certainly not a exhaustive list of who I visit(wonder if I have any free time at all, good thing they do not serve snacks.) The point is that all of these blogs are Jewish blogs and write primarily on Judaism from one point of view or another. I dont have any interest in visiting blogs that talk about having kids or husbands discussing their situations in life. While I do enjoy chatting with psychotodler about medical issues occasionally, I dont go to blogs where we chat strictly about them. In other words, my blog visitations define my preoccupations in r/l. Also, I did not have a need to go to the blog index, if there is such a thing to find where to go, I sort of wandered around and followed the comments and links. I wonder what everybody elses experience has been as far as how they started and how they wound up at the blogs they visit, and if the topic of those blogs reflect their r/l concerns, or is everybody else blogging fantasy football. The floor is open.

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