Sunday, November 14, 2004

and they had upshearin too

In this week's parsha, we read how Yitchak asks Eisav to take his utensils and find some food, before he blesses him. Rashi, and some commentators cited in a publication I read, cite that he wanted Eisav to do kosher shechita. The plain meaning of the text is he wanted Eisav to shoot some vittles and cook them, a definite no-no from a kashrut point of view. All of which brings up the question of whether the avot(ancestors) kept 613 mitzvot. If you hold that they did, you have to do all sorts of gymnastics to explain how Avraham fed the visitors milk and meat, how this episode should be interpreted, and how Ya'akov married sisters, among other troublesome incidents. Would it be so hard to hold, like R. Y. Y. Weinberg, in Sredei Aish(sorry, I couldn't remember the cite, I saw it over Shabbat), who holds that the Avot did not observe the 613. There, that was ok. No apikorsus. And you dont have to play twister with yourself to explain most of Bereshit and Shemot.

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