Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Rabbi Frand, the blogger's chavrusa

Oh, all the juicy stuff going on about the Chevra, but I am going to stick to Torah(for a change.) I heard this from the above mentioned Rabbi Frand, on one of his Torah tapes.

3 people in the Torah have their names changed. Avram-Avraham, Sarai- Sarah, and Hoshea-yehoshua. Obviously, Avraham and Sarah had the letter heh added, the heh symbolizing Hashem(no, not because it is the first letter of the word Hashem, but I digress.) Yehoshua had a yud added. What does the yud add? if you believe in some sort of law of conservation of letters, where did the yud come from. Well, Sarai had a yud removed when heh was added. What is implied by the transfer of the letter from Sarah to Yehoshua?

Yehoshua gets his name changed as he is appointed the heir apparent to Moshe and is going to lead B'nai Yisrael into the land. One of his prime responsibilities is to battle the people there, Canaanites etc. Sarah, in one of her disagreements with Avraham says(in reference to Yishmael) "Lo yirash ben ha'ama ha'zot, im b'nei, im yitzchak". The son of this maid will not inherit with my son. The land of Israel is the inheritance of the Jewish people. The transfer of the letter from Sarah to Yehoshua was to reinforce to Yehoshua and to the people that the land, their inheritance, was not to be shared with others, and to give them the strength and courage to comletely inherit the land, to the exclusion of others.

(note: as I was typing this, I truely meant it as a word of Torah, and not as a political statement vis a vis the present situation in Israel.)

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