Monday, October 18, 2004

Parsha thoughts, Noach

For those who lean towards the letter of the law, and ignore the spirit, a chilling warning. The midrash states that one of the sins that brought the flood was that people were stealing, but less than the amount that would be considered worth something, so that technically they could not be convicted of stealing. (obviously when a lot of people steal a small amount, it adds up). So, something can be within the technical limits of the law, and still be punishable by HKBH.

in the lead-up to Noach getting on the ark, there are a bunch of pesukim that say similar things, about Noach's age, about the animals, about Noach getting on the ark. Some are repeated 3 times in slightly different ways. Those who believe in such things would point to this as poor editing. I prefer to keep in mind what is pointed out nicely by Rabbi Liebtag at, that Torah(and Nach) are not meant as history(obviously, there is history contained in it), but are meant to be God's communication with us, and we can learn from each and every letter and sentence.

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