Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hoshana Rabba

In Hoshannot we say "ani v'hoi hoshea na". When I was a kid I always wondered who hoi was. It refers to G-d.(I did not make it koi, because it already was transliterated and anyway might be confused for some sort of Japanese carp.) The implication is that Hashem is in galut with us, and in redeeming us, Hashem redeems Himself as well. This does not imply that Hashem is in need of redemption, only that He is imposing on Himself what He has imposed on us. For some, this is the what has kept our faith intact through two exiles, the concept that Hashem goes with us, even if we are not on our land. We are not alone in this galut, may it end b'mehera b'yamenu.

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