Thursday, October 21, 2004

Haskama from beyond the grave

As noted previously, when a meshulach comes to visit, I usually buy his book, if he is selling one. I now have a small, but quite eclectic library of sefarim obtained in this fashion. I try to read them all, or at least enough to find out if I want to read it cover to cover, or if it will be useful for reference. As usual, most have Haskamot(affirmations, letters of approval) from various Gedolim. I was a bit surprised, however, to find this(my translation): (names and details have been removed so as not to embarrass anyone)

I wanted to bring the Haskama of (a certain gadol, o'bm), that I recieved on (a different sefer that I wrote). I did not get his haskama on this book, because by the time I finished it, he had gone to Gan Eden. However, if he was alive, I certainly would have asked him for his Haskama on this book, and it is very likely he would have given it to me, as he wrote and hinted at in his previous Haskama "and I bless him that he should succeed in this book, and will merit to write more important books." Therefore, I would ask that it would be in the eyes of the reader, as if I recieved a haskama from (this gadol, o'bm), also on this book.

He then goes on to print the haskama on the previous book, from that gadol.

question. I guess it is like the blurbs on the dust cover, but does anyone pay a lot of attention to the haskamot of a sefer?

btw, on another sefer, the author(much more respectfully) just listed the gedolim who had given him haskamot on previous sefarim(but did not print them).

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