Monday, October 18, 2004

Food Dilemmas

Psychotodler notes a problem he had when his neighbor brought him bagels from New York that Psycho did not know if they were from a kosher bakery or not. This sort of balancing problem, finding the right path of keeping kosher and not offending friends and relatives is quite common.

Yesterday, my munchkin had another soccer game. It was the duty of the parents of one of the other kids(not Jewish) to bring the snacks. They know that there are 3 kids on the team who keep kosher, and they are very nice and try to accomodate. Unfortunately, the drink clearly did not have a hechsher(and likely contained grape juice). The somewhat distraught mother, thought that this drink was kosher, and then assured me that the donuts were from the kosher dunkin donuts on a certain street, where the nearest D/D is indeed under Hashgacha. Just to make life interesting, there are a few D/D shops on this street, obviously some very far from us. So, the likelihood was that the donuts were indeed kosher. I could have asked her more questions to find out exactly which D/D they came from, but, under the circumstances, I thought the best way was let my kid(she scored a goal, by the way) munch away on the munchkins.

I dont remember enough halacha of mixtures and finding stuff to know if this was, from a strictly kashrut point of view, the right approach. However, I think it struck the right balance of kashrut, and avoiding embarrassing the poor mom further.(I did show her how to look for Hashgacha on stuff). I am sure that those to the right would have asked more, to be absolutely certain, and some on the very left would have drunk the juice(especially if it probably didn't have grape juice in it). This illustrates how our Hashkafa affects our pesak, and actions.

All of which reminds me of Mitch Hedberg(sic) who did a bit on why D/D made a big deal about giving a reciept($3 if the counter person didn't give you a reciept).

friend " hey Mitch, you didnt have a donut today"
Mitch " yes I did"
friend "no you didn't"
Mitch "Of course I did, I have the reciept, I filed it here, under D, for donut"

probably was much better seen on TV.

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