Friday, October 22, 2004


Its been two weeks since Simchat Torah, and my son is on the floor playing with his trains(he has a few new ones, courtesy of MVLW), and he is still singing,"aneinu, aneinu, b'yom koreinu." Simchat Torah lives on, anywhere Thomas the Tank Engine can go. Hopefully he will wear his new Tzitzit(for the first time) on Shabbat.(See post Oct. 10 for previous story)

(see post Oct 12 on health care for background)
On another note, I got a call from a patient who wanted to see me in the office and my scheduler had told him it would be another month and a half before my next opening. I'm busy, but not that busy. Seems the new rules have gone into effect. This patient has very poor insurance, and our group is limiting the number of people with that insurance that we are seeing. One a week per physician or something like that. I considered not seeing him, seeing as it would be of essentially no monetary benefit to me. Then I remembered my father(ad meah v'esrim, and more), talking to everyone who called, being the last out of shul after kiddush because so many people wanted medical advice. It was a no brainer, I fit him in the next day.

A hospital called and wanted to transfer a patient to my care. I happen to know that that place has people in my specialty. Turns out the specialists there didn't want to take care of the patient because he had no insurance. Shmucks. He was already in the hospital. I told them I would take the guy, but my hospital told them no, they would not agree to take the transfer. I arranged for him to go to the local charity hospital. Unbelievable

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