Monday, October 04, 2004

Election conundrum

I grew up with a Hubert Humphrey sign on my parents lawn.(for those of you under 40, he was a senator and presidential candidate, Democratic, back when dinasours roamed the earth). Now however, I am faced with the tall indecisive one, with the trial lawyer sidekick, versus the blithering idiot with the foul mouthed tonto. Everytime I see W, I feel the need to kick the TV screen. Everytime he misquotes statistics, my screen comes ever closer to oblivion via the thrown shoe... and yet, on the one issue that I care about most, and the one that affects me most financially, he is the better candidate...

Israel- never had a better(though poorer spoken) friend, for whatever reason you might want to give.

tort reform- seeing that I am one of those health care providers, paying sky high insurance and living in fear of huge lawsuits, old John Edwards being on the Democratic ticket is a huge turn off.

Somehow, I root for John Kerry in the debates, but I have a feeling I might be pulling the lever for Bush in November. I may have to vote for the major issues, andwrite off the economy, the poor, the environment, corporate welfare, tax reform, schools, and my whole liberal approach.
Makes me not even want to vote.

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