Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bush buys a summer home in Kiryas Yoel

Like most(I hope), I have been trying to figure out who to vote for. I posted previously about how I agree with Bush/Cheney on Israel and disagree vehemently with Kerry/Edwards on tort reform, although I am a lifelong democrat. Having digested endless ads, speeches, articles, and opinions, I am going to vote for Kerry.

Society depends on the inhabitants following the rules. It can tolerate a few people who dont, and we call these people criminals, and find and prosecute them. However, for the society to work, the vast majority have to respect the rules and abide by them(for the most part, speeding doesn't count). Look to the PA, or Iraq, for examples of areas where the people do not follow the law. Russia, where most people avoid income tax and the govt. has lost billions because of that. The leaders, also have to respect the laws, not only in letter, but in spirit. The Bush administration(not alone in the history of the presidency, to be sure), has shown a lack of respect for the principles of equality, fairness, division of power, not to mention a lack of respect for the facts. They have pushed the borders of the law, and proclaim that the ends justify the means. Some may admire this as being certain, confident, focused, and brush aside transgressions as a small price to pay for the end achieved. I do not agree.

The previous post notes that the civil suit between the Satmar princes was marred by unprecedented threats, falsifications and possible criminal activity. The motivation behind these activities was obviously to achieve a certain outcome. The desired end justified the means, criminal and wrong though the means were. Unfortunately, with most ideologically driven groups, as you get more extreme, the more the end justifies the means. Not only on the right, but on the left. Look at the eco-terrorists, PETA, abortion rightists who bomb clinics.

I am not accusing Bush of criminal activity. However, he and his administration are too willing to use any legal or quasi legal route to achieve their ends. They also are all too willing to bend the facts to fit their agenda. I am not sure it will be different with Kerry, but I am willing to give him the chance.

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