Wednesday, October 27, 2004

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Blog in Dm has details of the Eli Gerstner-Chevra brouhaha

Eli Gerstner got together with the Chevra boys. " Let there be peace" he said. They shook their heads. " Listen to us" they said, " we think you were ripping us off and owe us money." Eli started to eat some pizza but accidentally started to say boreh pri ha'adama. "oops. baruch shem..." well, we have a wedding to go sing at, at least make the chuppah nice. The boys sang mi bon siach so beautifully, every one cried. After the wedding Eli told the boys " I will instruct a messenger to send you a new contract, maybe even give you a new song." The boys looked at him, "remember" they said, " we have to make a living too." Eli shook his head " it will be ok with you, I am doing this with a pure heart."

If you are scratching your head, take a look at the back of your newly corrected , Chevra album thanks for update. Volume 2 should be used as a frisbee, and if you clicked on the link before it was corrected, the Chevra album referred to there is pretty good from the sound clips. Thanks to a for noting I linked the wrong Chevra album

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