Thursday, October 28, 2004

better too early than too late

@#$%%$@#! My previous post was too early. However, this brings out an interesting problem which crosses ages and continents. Usually in conflicts between nations, the leaders are not specifically targeted. Look at the uproar when Khadaffi's palace was bombed. Look at the first gulf war, it was not a problem to kill all the Iraqi soldiers, but we didn't go after Saddam. Its perfectly fine to kill all the poor soldiers following orders, but you cant go after the criminal who is sitting in the armchair masterminding it. That is why Israel gets flack when they get a Hamas leader. I guess I have to read some history of diplomacy and war to find out how this peculiar "gentleman's agreement" has evolved. Probably from when kings sent the peasants out to massacre each other and then the two got together and went fox hunting afterwards. It helps the people at the top, not at the bottom. Time for a change. And yes, I know that the CIA is prohibited by law from assasinating other heads of state, another "kings agreement."

On the same theme, you know that if Yasser needed emergency medical treatment and didn't make it to Paris, but had to be rushed to .. say, Haddassah, he would have been treated. Odd, most Israelis would have been happy to see him dead, but if he is sick, we have to treat him. If I was the doctor there though.......hmmmm, some things probably shouldn't be said in public.

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