Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hijacked! (Orthodox Feminism)

Once I have begun, let's continue on this thread of Orthodox Jewish Feminism. There is much to be said and (unfortunately) very little sane & astute comments. A couple of years ago Dr. Chaim Soloveitchik was rumored to be working on an article on the rise of feminism in Orthodoxy (using standard sociology of feminism data), but I haven't heard about that in years.

In recent years, the Orthodox Feminist movement has been hijacked by radical elements who would like to call into question basic issues about God, Halakha, most of Halakhic literature, and possibly most of the fundamentals upon which Orthodox Judaism is constructed. Now, they are largely immune from attack. Not that they are not attacked. But rather whenever anyone criticizes them, they are grouped with other "Rabbis & others who hate women and want to keep them down." This basic free pass allows them a pulpit to push the most radical agendas with impunity.

Most men who disagree with these positions are hesistant to criticize them publically, for fear of being branded a misogynist. What I would like is a normal, sane position voiced by a woman about the proper role of women in American Orthodox Judaism.

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