Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Paths of Avodas Hashem

I stongly believe that in one's Avodas Hashem that one should pick a path and follow it. My reason is that any serious path of Avodas Hashem (e.g. Mussar, Chassidus, Misnagdus, Kabbalah, Torah U-Madda) has been developed by its practitioners & there is enough literature by them about the path so that different situations, challenges, and difficulties are discussed and analyzed. Furthermore, if a derekh has been around for a period of time (and therefore developed by enough different people for long enough) there is a range within the literature of the derekh which would resonate at different stages of one's life.

Not that I am objecting to using pieces of different paths. But the difficulty with eclecticism is it is easy to be so eclectic that one paints oneself into a corner. If one is working within a path, there are enough people who have traveled that path beforehand then one can find those who dealt with one's issues or crisis before.

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