Friday, August 06, 2004

Monkey-Gate Wrap-up

A final reflection on the shiur, article, & assorted ensuing discussions. The problem with any discussion about this issue is that anyone who is knowledgable about what is going on and the issues involved are so religiously, emotionally, intellectually, culturally, etc. involved that objectivity is not even a viable option.
The same I predict holds true for any future discussion on these issues (e.g. women's issues, change in halakhah, YU, RIETS, RHS, The Jewish Week, Modern Orthodox, RYBS, WTG's, et cetera). Knowledge of people, incidents, and issues involved, almost by definition, any objective take on the topic. Therefore, we can only look forward to more conflict, until everyone gets too tired of these matters and the hock is dropped from sheer exhaustion.

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