Friday, August 20, 2004

Loving God (another story)

A young Hindu was walking with his Guru to immerse in the river. The student asked his master what it means to love God. The master did not respond. As they neared the water, the student asked again, what it means to love God and, again, his master did not answer. When they finally reached the riverbank, the student asked a third time. The master immersed in the river and emerged and the student followed his master into the water. When the student tried to get out, the master put his hands on his disciples head keeping him underwater.... for 20, 30 seconds. Then a minute. After a minute and a half the teacher took his hands away and the student burst out of the river, gasping for air. "When you desire God as much as you desired air a minute ago," the teacher said, "then you will know what it means to love God".

I considered converting this into a Chassidic story before blogging it, but I thought that that would be inauthentic.

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