Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Reports from various fronts have reached us here; all giving King Richard the thumbs up. Apparently, in addition to tighting the good ship YU, and creating responsibility & transparency, he is also working on making YU into the heart to pump lifeblood into (Modern) Orthodoxy.

If one reads Victor Geller's Belkin book, one sees how Dr. Belkin largely cared only for YU & making building the school. To a significant degree, the rest of Orthodoxy only mattered in that they served to create students for YU & jobs for alumni.
Rabbi Lamm has carried on this noble tradition, by emphasizing YU & creating the institutional mentality of "What's in this for us?"
So word on the street is that President Joel is intent on transforming YU into a resource for (Modern) Orthodoxy, American & world Jewry, and American society.

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