Monday, August 23, 2004

Brewing Scandal

Before the Forward comes out this Wednesday and the browbeating, attacking, and fingerpointing commence, I would like to jump the gun and frame the discussion about the latest Rabbinic abuse scandal.

1) We will have to wait until we see what evidence was available to whom. One can only implicate people who were aware of actual evidence (and not only rumours) and had the power to change things. People who did not have actual evidence or did not have actual power are innocent until proven otherwise. In RIETS the only two people with such power are the Dean & the President. The same questions apply to the Agunah activists.
2) If anything immoral or illegal activity was done on RIETS campus (like, for example, an Agunah Bais Din), then YU could be held accountable. If not, any responsibility would only be incidental.
3) What information was available to the RCA and when? The RCA has set up a procedure to report and deal with abusive Rabbis. If it was not used, why not? If it was, then they would not be liable.
4) I find it interesting that the Forward waited until the end of the summer, the weekend when YU begins school to publish their expose. I will judge them for their merit and not assume that they waited on publishing their research until would have the biggest impact on YU and Modern Orthodoxy.
Of course we will know more if & when the Forward article comes out.

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