Thursday, August 12, 2004


Simcha recently asked me when I will put up a blogroll. Though I once explained why I won't blogroll (which I see is a wise choice given how many short lived blogs clutter the internet), I decided to post who I might include in a blogroll if I were to have one. So here goes:
Aldaily (which, though technically not a blog, but never fails to provide me with interesting content), The Town Crier, Hirhurim, the new Protocols (which is always an iffy question on a blogroll these days, but still is a source of hock, when it is not the source of the controversy; if Luke keeps up his good posting, it will be a better blog than before), Bronstein, Chakira & (as a New Yorker) Gothamist. I might consider put up Oz Dating Theory (which is more truthful and accurate than Endthemadness) or Adam Davis (long story) . Other than those, the blogs I read on a regular basis are the blogs of friends (or friends of friends) or people I know.

I honestly tried to read those blogs of people who quoted me or blogrolled me, but I had to give up, finding them painful reads.
One of the amazing things that continues to suprise me is given an opportunity to present themselves and their thoughts to the world how many people choose to post the silliest, most mundane, and rediculous ideas on their blogs. This reminds me of Williams Golding's explanation of Lord of the Flies. Paraphrasing Golding, LOTF is not about how man is savage or cruel, but rather given the opportunity to recreate human civilization, the children choose the most savage and barbaric parts of humanity in building their society. Similarly with blogs. When chosing how to present themselve to the world, bloggers often choose their worse traits; not that blogs are necessarily accurate reflections of the authors.

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