Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Why Do People Trust Blogs?

One of those questions which continually fascinates me these days is why do normal intelligent people trust blogs for information.  Even named blogs are no more than a random stranger attached to a website.  Unlike Institutions, Rabbanim, or Organizations, nothing is backing up a blog more the bloggers word. 
The psychologists who read this can give their explanations, but I assume that it has three parts. 
One is the assumption that bloggers who have not lied in the past, would not lie now.  Even anonybloggers have an ego behind their blogs and if people think that they are lying, then people will stop reading their blogs.
Second, bloggers usually back up ideas or arguements with links.  Something which sounds too good good or bad to be true, quite likely isn't true, unless someone has a link to support it.
Third, comments section.  If someone makes a bad point, a false statement, or an error, commentors will jump all over it.  That's why on blogs where noone comments, you can't be certain that what they are blogging is accurate. 
Why do people trust newspapers, TV, the radio, or Jewish magazines or weeklies?

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