Thursday, July 08, 2004

The 'Week on Some Bloggers

Debra (presumably a.k.a. Deborah for those non-phonetically challenged) Cohen Nussbaum writes the first Jewish Week article on Blogging, though, I have no doubt that most writers in the 'Week are regular blog readers. SIW already digs his sharpened knives into the article. As does the Village Idiots, Shmarya who whine about not being included.
As I noted earlier, bloggers fall into one of three types, but she only pics up on #1 (with some mention of #3).

As she consciously or unconsciously notes in her article, blogging is a challenge to reporting, as I can find out more information from The Town Crier & Fiddish than from JTA or the Jewish Week.

Another point is that she views Jewish Journalism as objective as opposed to blogging which is subjective. But we all know better. Especially as the Jewish Week lists both personal essays & reporting under its news section without distinction.

The larger point is that for most, information & opinion is culled from the web from whatever (newspapers, blogs, aldaily, press releases, etc.) These old distinctions have mostly fallen away for me. The only practical distinction is for the reporters & publishers who are getting paid (or not) & by whom.

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