Wednesday, July 28, 2004


The Forward's Alana Newhouse posts on Protocols her list of the "hot new Jewish authors" & "Jewish Lit syllabus".
First, including a book that's 20 years old on a list of new Jewish authors, especially one who's author has already won a MacArthur "genius" grant, would normally be just rediculous, but here it's narcissistic (I mean the Mind-Body Problem?! Can you gaze any more deeply into your own navel. I would think that this would be the cardinal sin of an Arts & Culture editor, selecting books which reflect your own experiences.)  Secondly, I hope its not Ms. Newhouse's own words ("She's unbelievably good"..."!!!"..."!!!") as they sound more like a pretentious 18 year old Jewish female college freshman than an editor at a national newspaper.
And lastly, what type of list of Jewish lit. is that?  Her list of important Jewish fiction is limited to 92nd St. Y readings & some stereotype of a course of Jewish Fiction at some mediocre midwestern liberal arts college. No Israelis?  Not even Russians (Babel),  or English?  No Sefardim?  How about someone beyond maskilim & pseudo-maskilim?

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