Friday, July 09, 2004

More on the Jewish Week Article

After thinking too much about DNC's Jewish Week article on blogging, I realized what bothered me about it. Basically, this is the first time The Jewish Week is writing about blogging (at least according to their archives) & they missing the fact that this is where the some of the most exciting, creative, & dynamic discussions in the Jewish Communities are taking place. It's not only about seeing parts of the Jewish community to which you are normally not exposed (though it is telling what DNC finds interesting; it appears that she has never seen Hamodia or Yated). The Town Crier& Fiddish are more informative than most Jewish Weeklies. What makes The Jewish Week worth reading is as much the advertisements & announcements as the actual articles. Which means in my opinion that if someone were to collect the best 50 or 100 posts off the Blog-o-Sphere every week & make it into a publication online or off, I would find that as good a read as The Jewish Week.

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