Thursday, July 08, 2004

Jonathan Rosenblum on Ephaim Zuroff

I was planning on comments on Rabbis Shlomo Riskin's & Jonathan Rosenblum's essays on Hareidization of Modern Orthodoxy (courtesy of Simcha. But I thought Rosenblum's public slander of Ephraim Zuroff deserves a highlight:

The huge resources, both human and monetary, invested by the chareidi world in kiruv work completely refute Efraim Zuroff’s claim that the chareidi world shows no concern for secular Jews, and seeks to live in total isolation from them. (Zuroff is a pathological hater of the chareidi world. A few years back, he spread the slander that the chareidi world’s efforts to rescue the great roshei yeshiva from the Holocaust were at the cost of the lives of other Jews, about which the chareidi world showed little concern.)

JR is basically accusing Zuroff of forging his academic scholarship because Zuroff is "pathological hater" of Chareidim.
Defination of Pathological: Caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition.

Whether or not various rescue groups were justified in letting other Jews be killed by the Nazis so that the Litvish elite could be saved is a valid question for debate & discussion. But to accuse those with whom you disagree of having a mental disorder is outside the bounds of a discussion.
Cf. David Kranzler in Jewish Action attacking Zuroff's conclusions.
Perhaps Menachem or Simcha can fill in some of the details of the debate.

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