Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Jewish Weak

The Jewish Week picks up a story from Hirhurim (which just again teaches us, if you cannot find something to report, scavenge around the Blogs) and pumps it for all its worth with a bunch of anonymous quotes & the standard Heilman lines.

Rav Schechter's shiur has been hocked enough on Hirhurim, Protocols, & Bloghead, so no reason to hock it further.

The fact that GR has a bone to pick with the YU Roshei Yeshiva, is no surprise and the fact that he is on the Cheerleading squad for Chovevai Torah is widely known.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that Judah should stop transcribing shiurim for Torahweb and leave them on audio, as this is the second time that a Rosh Yeshiva has said controversial statements on Torahweb. 

It used to be that Rabbanim could say what they wished and no one would complain unless it was done too publicly.  Then Shabbos Zachor 1998 which made its way into the Forward.  Then one could say what one wants in communal shiurim, but with bloggers, this is also ending.  Eventually, Rabbeim will have to self-censure themselves in their own daily shiurim, which would be a loss for Torah.

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