Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hume on TV

As I rarely watch TV & have never seen Fox News, I was surprised this morning at an advertisement in the Subway for Fox News featuring Hume.  I said, "Huh?  I didn't know that David Hume was a Conservative commentator."  But after thinking about it a bit, it did make sense.  Given Hume's skeptical attitude towards reason.   And his belief that morality was based on sentiment more than logic, similiar to George Bush's distinction between good and evil.  And although Hume did have his critique of both miracles and the argument for God from design, most Conservative Evangelicals are basing their religion on feeling rather than on rational argument.  Furthermore, Hume's understanding of free will & determinism does make work with Conservatives who are into reward & punishment.

Afterwards, I went onto the internet and saw that the poster was referring to Brit Hume, some sort of TV news anchor, and not David Hume, the 18th Century Scottish Philosopher.

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