Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Holocaust & American Pop Culture

I was hocking with a friend the other day and he was hocking about Alan Mintz’s book, Popular Culture and the Shaping of Holocaust Memory in America, about how the Holocaust was being used & trivialized by American society and how the Holocaust was losing its Jewish identity. My friend, understandably, was perturbed by this phenomenon. My response, somewhat unsympathetic, was to let "them" have the Holocaust. I do not need the Holocaust as a source of Jewish life, and Yiddishkeit. They can have Auschwitz, Treblinka, and the ghettos.
As long as they do take from us or trivialize all that the good that Jews have produced. For example, Gemara, Chassidus, Maimonides, Halakhah, Yiddish Poetry, Ladino, etc.
Update: They can also have the whole Cult-of-Victimology.

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