Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Head to Head Videos

Some of us had the privilege of catching both the OU & the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Tisha B'Av videos yesterday.  For those who missed one or the other, let's compare the two:

1)  CCHF:  Several inspirational shiurim/lectures with an interview in the middle.  It came across more like a videotaped shiur.
2) OU: Assorted interview-style mini-shiurim interspersed with images & video footage, and mini-documentaries about different chesed programs.  Looks like an in-house video.

1) CCHF:  Prominent speakers on the moderate to right Frum speakers circuit.  Noone controversial.  Noone Zionist.  No women. 
2) OU: Prominent people from the OU, YU, & Kiruv Organizations.  People who run private Chesed start-ups.  Men & women speakers.

Ultimate Message: 
1) CCHF: Feel the pain of other Jews.  When thinking about your own tzaros, think, act, & pray about the suffering of others.
2) OU: Do acts of chesed (kindness).  Be creative & sensitive when doing chesed.
Overall, both were very good.  Presumably aimed at different communities.

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