Monday, July 12, 2004

Ger Toshav

A week ago Shabbos, I had the pleasure of talking to the Young Talmid Chacham (YTC) again. I mentioned the Rambam's position that the prohibition of Kana'im Pogim Bo (Zealots Kill Him) does not apply when the violator is sleeping with a Ger Toshav (as opposed to an idolatress), which is somewhat of a Chiddush (innovation). He pointed out that since there are no more Gerei Toshav these days (as per the Gemara in Erechin), this Halakha/Kula is largely moot. However, the YTC, pointed out ways that one could still have Gerei Toshav nowadays.
He added an interested point. Apparently, Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz of Maaleh Adumim has an article where he says that one can violate the Shabbos to save a non-Jew (and not because of Eivah). He does this by combining two positions; one being a Maharitz Chiyos who holds that most non-Jews alive today have the status of a Ger Toshav. He didn't offhand know the source for either Rabbi Rabinowitz or the Maharitz Chiyos. Perhaps Simcha can supply them?

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